konstantinette (konstantinette) wrote,

I'm bored and I'm writing weird poems.... read. Tell me what you think!


It was an arduous but soft night
Like her breathing
It was hard to do
She told her body over and over
Breathe, Breathe
Breathe, Breathe, Breathe
She ignored herself and he did too
He smirked harshly and held his breath
She didn’t want him to
But he did
She attempted to force him
To breathe his breath
To live
To die of old age
To see his family grow
But he held it and watched her cry
The tears fell down her white cheeks
She still didn’t breathe
She was crying and he was sad
She cried.
It was a pin-drop but vast morning
Like their hearts
It was hard to live
Without each other but they had to
Live, she told herself.
Live, he said.
Live, Live, Live.
He ignored his destroyed soul and she did too
He didn’t want her to hurt
But she frowned and did anyway.
He cried, She cried.
They were dying with and behind that wall
That wall that we can’t break down
She clawed at it and he punched it
He was mad
She cried.
They need each other to survive
But there’s no way
She needs the dove
He needs the love
They need life together
Breathe, breathe,
Live, live.
Breathe, Live.

In the air.

I like it when you scream
Cause pain’s the undying theme
This is when we all scream
six billion emo cries
They said,
“Let’s sing our pain out”
and they tried to.
We shouted out to freedom
But freedom laughed in our faces
And we sobbed
Our eyes were fogged
With the shadows of our love
We looked around
At each other
And shrugged our right shoulders.
Infants, children, teenagers.
Adults, grandma’s, grandpa’s.
Everyone of all ages and cultures
Came together and said,
“Let’s sing our pain out”
and they did
six billion fists in the air
six billion emo cries
and for three and a half minutes
there was no racism no war
no hatred no more
we were all singing the same thing
all of us in a language we made up
we all speak it
it’s called love
we said,
“This our prayer of dispair and affair
We’re screaming our pain out,
six billion fists in the air”
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