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Today is the second preformance. Well, in the evening anyway. We did the end of the play for the school today which I thought was really stupid. We should have dont the first half. Cause then people would have been like "OMIGAWD I HAFTA GO AND SEE THE END!!!!!!!!!!EEEEEEEE!"
But whatever. Since when does it matter what I think?


My hair feels so gross. It's all full of hairspray and stuff. Yucky, I feel grody.

Tonight my family is going. Not GayJay though. I sorta wanted him to come. Oh well, it's okay if he doesn't love me.

Apparently he (AJ) and his friend are trying to find their own place. I went in my room and cried when my mutti told me... ugh. I love my brothers so much, they are the ones who raised me. I don't want him to leave :( no matter how annoying he can be. Stayyyy AAAJJJJ.


And yep I'm definitely fucked up. Am I being played? Does he like me? What's going ON??!?!?! I need to know if he really likes me or what so I don't waste my time.

*flies away*

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