konstantinette (konstantinette) wrote,

Things going through Kara's mind as of late :

  • people are HOES
  • i felt like a bitch last night at the party. but i was just worried!!!
  • i really should straighten my hair
  • i also really should be studying
  • i need to clean my room before i get castrated by ''the owners''
  • summer is coming.... YAY, PUCKNESS!!!
  • my dad should really STOP looking at porn
  • i dont like it when people copy me :(
  • i think people should leave my Dead Poetic alone.
  • i love mike burd
  • i need a good cuddle
  • "i'll find you."
  • hello there, angel from my nightmare, shadow in the background of the morgue
  • i want mashed potatoes. :(
  • im both sad and happy that the play is over
  • boys are stupid.
  • all of them.
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