konstantinette (konstantinette) wrote,

mr pfinder is a stanky old biatch and that is all i have to say about THAT.

unf, why does everything have so be so hard nowadays? does anyone feel this but me? lately i feel like my world is slowly crushing me and forcing all of the bad things in my life to dance naked infront of my face. i keep bursting into tears and scaring my friends. i even saw some of them crying when i was crying. i dont want that to happen. sometimes i wish no one cared about me so i wouldnt bring them down. sometimes i feel responsible for other peoples problems. i just wanna help people. i dunno what to do anymore

i cant wait until the summertime. its going to consist of nothing but jenna, mike, and friends. all friends, i will NOT cry at all this summer. no more tears, i think im dehydrated from it all.

so, what happened today in school you ask? well let's see.

b period was fun, i helped amara block out the beginning of her monologue. i didnt get a chance to practice mine, but thats okay cause i didnt wanna do it there anyways... i have to do alot of screaming and i was too afraid to do it infront of the classroom when i had basically no idea what i was doing yet. i like practicing things when im home alone, cause i can scream and shout and talk to myself without getting yelled back at. anyways, i hope i get it done soon. ackies.

a period we did a lab on the external frog. AHHHH it was so saddddd it looked so helpless. braden was cutting the jaw, and i was holding the mouth open and i was leaning on his shoulder as we did it, and then he cuts and it SNAPS really loudly and we both screamed. it was so funny, braden is the man. he likes to make fun of me, its hilarious. and mike brown is a terrible person, hahah. he put his frog over my binder and stuff dripped off of it and fell onto my stuff. i made him clean it up. hahhaa

lunch i went to the sportsplex with lucy. shes a good girl, so so so funny. we talked about the fair and how squashing people on certain rides is fun. like brothers HAHAHAHA

c period was the funniest thing ever, we were with the other class. so me, lucy, amara, and christine were all in the cardio room and them we go to get a drink. lucy and amara went to another "better" fountain (pff) and me and christine were just talking. i took a drink and then i had water on my chin so i lifted the end of my shirt to wipe it off.... BIG MISTAKE!!!! some boys in a nearby classroom got quite a good look at me. ahahahahhaha i love it. and later in the halls they saw me and were like "THATS THE GIRL" to their friends, haahahhahahahahhahahahha. im not embarrassed, its so weird. oh well, i like making a fool of myself.

d we had off, so trudy, dj, anna and i went to mcdonalds and i bought anna a mcflurry. shes such a sweet girl!!!!

so that was my day. then i came home and read the letter my dad wrote to mr chisolm about pfinder and the whole situation.

go team huffman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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